Latrobe Valley: Stronger Together

The Latrobe Valley Microgrid project will test a new approach to energy, developed using blockchain based technology, to create a local energy marketplace. Much like a farmers market for fruit and vegetables, this will allow members of the community to come together to buy and sell renewable electricity that is produced locally. The market will also allow energy customers with flexible energy capacity - for example, those who have batteries or are able to reduce their consumption if required - to provide services that support the network and get paid for doing so. Making energy local will help lower energy bills while allowing the Latrobe valley community to lead the way towards a sustainable energy future.

How You Can Reshape The Future of Energy

The Latrobe Valley Microgrid Feasibility Assessment has been successfully completed and awaiting confirmation for public dissemination. We will continue to update all those who participated in the feasibility study and the public domain via website and social media (Facebook) on next steps for the project. Meanwhile, if you are new to the idea of The Latrobe Valley Microgrid and would like more information or want to be kept up to date with how the project is developing, feel free to contact the Project Manager (Tia Tran) at or directly on +61 403 838 750.

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