Latrobe Valley Microgrid

Find out why signing up to a feasibility study for a new local energy marketplace in the Latrobe Valley could provide benefits for Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub projects and for everyone in the region.

Latrobe Valley Microgrid...

Lots of people are getting excited about shared renewable energy projects in the Latrobe Valley – but the proposed Latrobe Valley Microgrid is one that truly EVERYONE who lives here can and should get involved with.

The Labratore Valley Microgrid project is supported by funding from the Federal government and is backed by AusNet, Dairy Australia, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, Siemens and CommPower Industrial.

The microgrid takes the concept of community power and shared energy to the next level - by creating a local marketplace allowing businesses, community organisations, farmers and residents to come together to buy and sell energy that is produced locally.


Put simply, the concept is to give control over energy back to the community and give you more choices over how you buy your energy and who and where you buy it from.

So, what’s it all about and why would you want to get involved?

The first of its kind in Australia, this innovative microgrid project will be set up by LO3 Energy, an energy technology company, which has successfully been running a similar microgrid in Brooklyn, New York, for two years.

Put simply, the concept is to give control over energy back to the community and give you more choices over how you buy your energy and who and where you buy it from.

Right now, the only way you can buy energy is from a retailer who in turn purchases directly from the national electricity market. And you don’t know where your energy actually comes from - a coal fired power station in NSW, a wind farm in Victoria, or a solar farm in Queensland for example.

Meanwhile, our local renewable energy projects are often producing excess energy, but they have to sell that extra energy to their local retailer for a relatively low fixed price.

But it doesn’t have to be that way... How?

The microgrid would use the same power of sharing that has become so successful in our LVCPH (Latrobe Valley  Community Power Hub) projects to connect the community’s energy resources and consumers together ‘virtually’ in a secure local energy marketplace.

So, just like you might buy fruit and vegetables from the local farmers market, you would buy your local energy from the local energy marketplace. A detailed feasibility assessment is currently underway.

When the project goes live participants would have a device attached to your smart meter and we will provide you with a mobile app. All you would need to do is work out what energy you prefer, how much you need when and how much you want to pay. You can then express your preferences by typing them into your App.

A new energy market place...

The marketplace would run on a defined set of rules - like who can be involved and how and when energy can be bought and sold – and it would securely record and share information about your energy use to enable you to benefit from variable pricing throughout the day, via blockchain technology.

Making, selling and buying energy locally, will not only help lower energy bills but also support the economy of the Latrobe Valley region by keeping the money earned from local energy right here in the community. At the same time, by having the tools to choose local renewable energy options, the Latrobe Valley community can lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.

As Darren McCubbin, chair of Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN), the Hub Host for the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub said recently: ‘It’s about us supporting each other in our energy transition within the Latrobe Valley.’

And this is an opportunity to do just that, to take the sharing concept of LVCPH to another level and get everyone involved.

So, How can you be involved?

Tell your neighbours, tell your friends, tell anyone you know – because by participating in this project you will put Latrobe Valley one step closer to becoming a global energy leader.

A detailed feasibility study is currently underway, to model the value proposition for different types of customers.

The Latrobe Valley Microgrid needs participants to allow access their historical energy consumption data for this study.

All you need to do is to register online now!

In the mean time check out this short yet inspiring video about the project:

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